What you should know in general

Stainless steel in general is a very hard metal and thus known for its long lasting characteristics. Every jewellery piece will change its surface finish from time to time due to the fact that it may be worn in daily life. Rings will get in touch with several solid surfaces and materials like keys, pens, clothes and dishes. This can left marks in your jewellery but also creates a unique everyday companion.

Cleaning advices

You can use warm water, mild soap and a toothbrush to clean the jewellery. Non-plated pieces can also be treated with some alcoholic sanitizer to remove grease stains. 

Safe storage for your jewellery

The best place for your jewellery is a soft storage with sufficient distance to other pieces. Never transport jewellery in the coin case of your wallet.

gold plating

Golden pieces are made from stainless steel with a layer of precious gold. I work together with a long-established company that is specialized for this procedure. The layer of 18 ct gold is thus 10 times thicker than usual. Please note: Especially gold plated rings may be faster scratched than earrings. Feel free to cantact me if the gold plating needs to be refreshed.

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