Esther Heite is a designer with a focus on objects that interact with human body. Her process-based approach combines technique, experiment and material studies and leads to innovative compositions. She creates jewellery collections and art pieces in her own particular manner ranging from the poetic to rather clear and distinctive design. Her works, mainly made of metal, are distinguished by their technical finesse and the resulting aesthetic expression.


Since my graduation project I work mainly with stainless steel and fine welding. Rather than trying to disguise the welding dots, they have become a central element of my jewellery making.


To achieve true sustainability we need to focus on developing products that are long-lasting. To ensure this, I attach great importance to high quality processing of best materials and it’s my personal approach to create timeless but unique jewellery that outlasts current trends. The triad of bold forms, raw material and brilliant details is the particular hallmark and central theme of esther heite jewellery & object.


2021 Lost in Jewellery Magazine Award, Legnica Jewellery Competion
2020 Finalist Friedrich Becker Prize
2019 JPlus Emerging Talent Award 2019 by KLIMT02
2019 Marzee Graduate Prize


2023 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Multiple, Huis Pauwels Spaenjers, Hasselt (BEL)
2022 Duo Exhibition, schmucksache kanning, Düsseldorf, (DE)
2022 MKG Messe, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg (DE)
2022 Trio exhibition at Galerie Vice Versa, Lausanne (CH)
2021 MKG Messe, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg (DE)
2021 ‘Let the jewellery be heard’, RVNHUS Gallery Kolding, (DK)
2021 Legnica International Jewellery Competition, The Gallery of Art Legnica (PL)
2021 Manufactum Staatspreis NRW, Museum für Kunst und Kulturgesichte Dortmund (DE)
2020 Friedrich-Becker-Preis, Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf (DE)
2020 Solo Exhibition „human and object“, Hannah Gallery Barcelona (ESP)
2019 Galerie Marzee Graduate Show, Nimjegen (NL)
2019 Group exhibition „NCOD in Lisboa“, Galeria Reverso (PRT)
2019 Group exhibition „clear curves“, Galerie Schlegelschmuck München (DE)
2019 Group exhibition „clear curves“, Inhorgentra München (DE)
2018 Group exhibition HS Düsseldorf, Schmuckgalerie Agnes Raben Vorden (NL)
2018 Group exhibition „24+4“, Galerie V&V Wien (AUT)

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