My art work demonstrates the confrontation with the world of material matters. Prior to my research, I assumed that the purely physical characteristics and functions of objects were more deeply bound to non-material attributes and symbolic energies.

The enormous increase in the amount of everyday objects over the last 200 years has generated discussion about their significance. Things become a symbol, a fetish; they are abused, loved, forgotten, broken, remade. Things give an indication of human behaviour, longings and needs. I question the context of the purpose, the way things are made, the function and the meaning of some objects that are part of the technical and social change of our time. The alienation of the familiar connectivity, of the function or form generates paradoxes which are intended to stimulate the carrier for reflection.

The explorative handling of the technology of welding activates in my workflow a new ornamental function. Combining the ornament and the function, all pieces of jewellery are characterized by some kind of fusion.The edges become an element in my design that looks like it has been inlaid with brilliant-cut diamonds. – All photos by fridge & plodge


The technical objects of our everyday life contain an inner interrelationship in which causalities intertwine. Since electrical circuits have started to be used, this inner logic disappears behind screens, pads, buttons and panels. They are the interface to another world and reduce the mental and physical access to the monolithic-looking bodies to a shallow tactile movement. The smooth, black, cold, glass, metallic housings radiate a cool reserve. Things seem to come towards us out of nowhere. They become a fact that seems objective. This unfamiliarity with which the technological objects confront us is the starting point for the „monolith“ group.

Monolith brooch 80 x 46 x 11 mm, stainless steel

pixel gleam

The arrangement of wires and welding spots creates an analogue image dot grid used to display an image and text. The setting of the welding spots can be compared with the on/off of small pixels. The set points create a pixel-based image in 3-dimensional material.

Brooches 50 x 45 x 5 mm, stainless steel silver plated

liquid crystals

They are the access to another world, the main means of communication of our time, the interface between humanity and the machine. Detaching the displays from their technical connection resembles a dissecting act. The wafer-thin screens are dug out of the depth of the device with the utmost caution like a valuable raw material. The fragility resembles that of a precious gemstone. In terms of the form, I take up this association and work the LCD into gem-shaped objects in which they form the centre of the facet cut as a stone tablet. The representation of information becomes a dark, iridescent patch.

The flat surface with the seal creates the typical shape of the signet ring is, which forms the basis of the whole structure of the piece of jewellery. The combination of the ring and the image on the body makes its meaning visible: authority, privilege, belonging. These meanings disappear with the „“ rings by highlighting their structure that has been made visible.


misunderstood genius

Through „Misunderstood genius“ I attribute a central role to the incidental role of an ear-ring’s butterfly back in the process of wearing jewellery. The original shape is distorted as if the material could simply be pulled apart. The plug made of gold becomes a counterweight and loses importance despite its material value. The internal hierarchy of the piece jewellery shifts as a result. It combines the familiar with the unfamiliar.


The wristwatch is an expression of our lifestyle that emphasises efficiency. In the non-clock objects, I make the connection between an object, its name and representation a question for discussion. The formal characteristics of the watch objects invite us to recognize something as a wristwatch that has moved away from its function of showing the time. Although the engraved messages serve as a time display, they still exceed our imagination. In the infinite cosmos (Greek Kósmos = order, brilliance) the connections between space and time are ordered. Since the beginning of his time, mankind has seen itself as both secured and unprotected from these.

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